Project Description

About ErFilm

ErFilm, so much more then just film. The most important thing is working together, that everyone feels like they’re participating and working towards a common goal. We care deeply about everyone, regardless of background. We want to affect society in a positive way.

Stephane and Stefan work hard to always be there for their young collaborators, both as mentors and role models. They are not just teachers, they make sure to create trust and connections on a personal level. They have high expectations and will always engage with pupils who create problems. They always encourage good behaviour.

The projects

Our collaboration started several years ago, during a youth event in Stockholm called MY. They were participating in the event, and i was a member of the development group of the event itself.

They contacted me to create their current logo at that time, to be imprinted on concrete during an award ceremony. We have been in contact over the years, and i’ve since then created their website, and the full translation of it’s contents from Swedish to English. This was done in preparation for their participation in Chicago International Children Film Festival, where the film “If everything was real” is set to screen in november 2016.