Project Description

About Institut français de Suède

The Institut français is in charge of implementing France’s cultural action abroad. The agency was set up by the July 27, 2010 French Foreign Cultural Action Act and its enabling decree of December 30, 2010.

Under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its role is to act as the conduit for a new, more ambitious “diplomacy of influence”, within the framework of French governmental policies and priorities. It will help to promote French influence abroad through greater dialogue with foreign cultures, while responding to the needs of France via a policy of listening, partnership and openness to other cultures. The Institut français replaces the Culturesfrance association, with the legal status of a “Public Industrial and Commercial Undertaking”.

The projects

My work with the Institut français de Suède consists of two educational websites for the Linguistics department as well as the institutes main website. The creation of the educational websites also included content creation in the form of filming, editing and mastering of instructional videos for and facilitating live-streamed webradio for

My work on was a full re-design of a website already filled to the brim with content, and the addition of features such as an event calendar, social media integration and categorisation of the websites content for display in a design inline with the graphic profile of the international French Insitutes as a whole.