Project Description

About Sani Gamedze

I Sani, being the youngest member of the Gamedze household had no access to the prized family loom – our record player. This mahogany bookcase looking contraption was the one precious thing “the holy of holiest” to be touched only by the high priests – that is to say those tall enough to reach it. Content to sit at its feet and wait for someone to come by, pick out a record from our rather impressive collection, slip the LP out of its sleeve, clean it with the velvet rubbing thingy and gently place it within, and with steady hand place the needle, ever so carefully, and let the magic begin. This wonderful gadget, from its exulted position turned our home into some sort of harmonic paradise of sound. All kinds of sound, gospel, jazz, fusion, disco, classical music, we had it all.

The project

I was contacted by Do Music Records, a Swedish independent record label,  to create a website for one of their artists Sani Gamedze.
We drafted up a concept together, and i set to work creating a design highly based on photos for the then upcoming Album release “Colourmeover”.

The main challenge was to keep the website fast and snappy while at the same time showing very high definition photos on every section of this One-Page design. In the end this was achieved through various tech-magic means!